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1- This application allows you to understand what the causes for your symptoms.
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Signs / Symptoms for select
mouth sores
low blood pressure
difficulty swallowing
difficulty chewing
difficulty starting or finishing voluntary movements
difficulty writing
stiff muscles
tremor or stiffness in one arm, leg, thumb or finger, which worsens when the person is under stress and improves when the affected limb is placed in operation
Diastolic blood pressure of 89 mmHg above
Systolic blood pressure above 139 mmHg
intense sweating
cold sweats
excessive night sweats
craving for sweets
desire for stimulants like coffee or alcohol
increased skin sensitivity to the sun
spots on the skin / skin rash
swollen joints
dry throat
dry cough
Excess gas
pain in the lower back
heaviness or discomfort in the belly background
pain or pressure around the eyes, forehead and nose
severe pain in the chest, stretching the back, the jaw and left arm
painful urination
sudden sweats
abnormal uterine bleeding
vomiting blood / hematemesis
anal secretions
anal pain
anal itching
anal bleeding
androgenic alopecia
hot, red skin especially on the head and neck
sore throat
protruding eyes
shoulder pain
constant feeling of warmth
Reddish patches on the skin, well-defined, with white peeling or silver
discharge or discharge that flows through the urethra usually yellow-green
deformation of the feet or hands
black stools / melena
burning sensation in the abdomen
Changes in blood test (high C-reactive protein and high antigen count for the bacteria)
ECG changes
flushed skin / red skin
Sydenham's chorea (uncontrollable jerky movements)
subcutaneous nodules
cardiac inflammation / carditis (endocarditis, myocarditis, pericarditis)
Red injury and thick
feeling of fullness (full stomach)
muscle atrophy
heat intolerance
increased nodes of the neck, armpit or groin
inchasso leg
pain or increased sensitivity of the breasts
changes in libido
cold hands
difficulty in performing certain movements (with hands, arms and legs)
numbness (in hands, arms and legs)
increase of lymph nodes in the neck
reddish spots that appear first on the face and then spreads
intense pain in a tendon
yellowish or greenish discharge
nasal obstruction
desire for certain foods like chocolates, sweets and salty foods
movements of the head painful, pain when moving his head
general malaise
body aches
itching in the area of dilated or bluish veins
swollen ankles
swollen feet
feeling tired or heaviness in the legs
burning in the area of dilated or bluish veins
veins dilated, tortuous, bluish and very visible
acanthosis nigricans
hearing loss
head movements limited
pain in the area of the sinuses
High glucose (increased levels of blood sugar)
high cholesterol
cramps during menstruation, and premenstrual
abnormal growth of the lower abdomen
sense of pressure in the bladder
leg pain
pelvic pain or pressure (lower abdomen / groin)
pain in the feet
atypical monthly bleeding
prolonged menstrual periods
skin inflammation
heavy bleeding, excessive menstrual flow
itching or a sign stain
increase in size, color or shape of a signal or stain
decrease in bone mass
abdominal pain that radiates to the back, worsens when the person walks or lies down and improves when you sit down or leans forward
arterial hypertension
abnormal growth of body hair / hirsutism
frequent delays in menstruation (oligomenorrhea)
red lesions, oily or not, that flake off and can cause itching and irritation. These lesions may vary from a fine scales (dander) until the formation of large plaques on the scalp.
itching mainly in the nose, but which may extend to the throat, eyes and inner ear
sneezing (often several times in a row)
Runny nose (clear discharge that flows from the nose)
stuffy nose / nasal congestion
tendon pain
pain in the ligaments
discreet yellow the skin and eyes
rash (redness of the face in a "butterfly" on the cheeks and bridge of the nose)
chest pain / chest pain / anterior chest pain
yellow skin or stained
dental caries
sense of constant cold
excessive drowsiness / somnolence
amenorrhea / absence of menstruation
extreme fear of weight gain, even when they are underweight
less weight than 85% of what is expected for the person's characteristics
disorientation (forgetting usual paths)
reduced capacity to perform daily activities that require cognitive knowledge
loss of memory of recent facts
absence (the person does not respond to stimuli)
dry hair
tightness in the chest
neck ache
persistent cough
appearance of pimples
scanty menses
irregular menstruation
bleeding after intercourse / postcoital bleeding
pain during intercourse / dyspareunia
swelling of the face
vaginal dryness
low self-esteem
irregular breathing / shortness of breath
sudden loss of sensitivity in any part of the body
sudden deviation of the eye to one side / nystagmus
arthralgia / joint pain
pain in the knees / gonalgia
pain in the wrists
pain in the hands
suicide and despair ideas
inflammation of joints
muscle pain / myalgia
difficulty concentrating
difficulties with speech / difficulty speaking
coordination problems in the hands and arms
difficulty walking
sudden decrease of vision in one eye
visual disturbances
paralysis of one side of the body / hemiplegia
mental confusion
sore jaw / jaw pain
fragile, brittle nails
low blood pressure
lack of appetite / loss of appetite / anorexia
breathlessness / dyspnoea
tachycardia / increase in heart rate
fatigue / tiredness
cough with yellow-green expectoration
vision abnormalities
cold intolerance
problems of skin / skin lesions
excessive increased sweating (sweating) on ??the palms, armpits, soles, dorsal region and face
dry mouth / xerostomia
blurred vision
Depressive symptoms
Excessive thirst / polydipsia
excessive hunger / polifagia
loss of pleasure in activities previously pleasurable
rapid mood changes
useless thoughts
muscle weakness
Dry skin / xerosis
nervousness / stress
enhanced intestinal activity
swollen eyelids / edema palpebral
edema in the extremities
loss of hair
fertility problems
painful menstruation / dysmenorrhea
yellow-orange discoloration of the skin (especially on the palms)
water retention / retention
Lesions (fisssura or abscesses) in the perianal region
scaly skin / skin peeling
slow movements
back pain
bleeding between regular menstrual periods
warmth and redness of the joints
decreased weight / weight loss (without apparent cause)
weight gain / weight gain (without apparent cause)
feeling of morning stiffness (feel rusty morning)
loss of sensitivity to stimuli (pain, cold, heat ...)
numbness and tingling of the feet and legs
severe pain in the face, which can last a few seconds or several minutes
severe pain, progressive, and usually radiate, affecting the sides of the body and back, at waist level, and down to the genital region
blood in urine
difficulty passing urine
increased urination / urinary frequency
abnormal vaginal bleeding
vaginal discharge with a strong odor
headache / migraine
sleep disturbances
chronic fatigue
irritation in the vaginal area
swelling of the vaginal area
itching of the vaginal area
burning sensation in the vaginal area
inflammation of the nodes of the neck
low self-esteem
persistent nausea
abdominal edema / swollen abdomen
abdominal pain